City of Eugene paves way for ride-sharing services to return

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EUGENE, Ore. - The City of Eugene is paving the way for Uber, Lyft and similar ride-sharing services to return to Eugene.

Uber had operated in Eugene starting in July 2014 but stopped in 2015 in the face of City of Eugene regulations and fines.

The City Council voted unanimously Wednesday night to work toward amending regulations to allow the service to resume.

If approved, ride-sharing services and taxi companies will have the same regulations.

The City has been under pressure from local business leaders to clear the way for ride-sharing.

Pryor said city staff never stopped working on the Uber issue.

"It came back from us in the form of folks from the community said, 'This is taking a long time, why can't we have them back?' So with that in mind the council resurfaced the issue and said 'Staff where are we? Could we move forward?'" Pryor said Thursday. "And staff reported back and said 'Yes we are very close', and working out the last few details has allowed us to break the ice and move forward."

The council will review amended language in March. Pryor said Uber could be approved to hit the road in Eugene as early as April.

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