City of Eugene joins Eugene Library in bringing 'public piano' to downtown


EUGENE, Ore. -- The City of Eugene has hooked up with the Eugene Library to bring music to downtown in a non-traditional way, and the idea is striking a nice chord.

The City is trying to make downtown more welcoming and safe for everyone and they hope that adding a public piano downtown will do that for residents.

It's a non-traditional way to play a piano and part of the City's effort to make downtown more appealing.

"There isn't a lot of places you can go,” says Erik Peterson of Eugene. He has been a musician since he was a child.

"When I was about 5 years old, most kids would like to pound and what I did, I went up and touched it very lightly. And she knew he was going to be musically inclined."

Peterson will now be able to play along with other hidden musicians in downtown Eugene.

“Anytime I get a chance to play a piano, I like to play.”

The City has dedicated the piano to their "Build a Better world" summer theme with the Eugene Library.

Jessilyn Brinkerhoff is painting the piano and will be finishing everything this upcoming week with a head start Saturday morning.

"It’s taken a couple of hours,” Brinkerhoff said, “I cleaned it and all that, so I say it took me two hours."

Residents are excited for the piano and hope to have things like this for more than just this season.

"I heard this was just for the summer, and I wish this for all year long," said Howard Falk of Eugene.

The artist will be finishing up the painting Sunday.

The piano is now on display to be played by the public until the end of September.

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