City of Corvallis to launch new website in early December

City of Corvallis is launching its new website on December 4, 2017. (Screen shots courtesy City of Corvallis.)

CORVALLIS, Ore. -- After months of development and refinement, the new City of Corvallis website will launch in early December.

"The newly redesigned website sports a fresh look and feel designed to display information across a variety of platforms, including mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers," the City said in a news release.

The homepage has been reorganized to provide a "welcoming entrance" to the City of Corvallis as an organization, with a prominent search box and key links to popular services such as job openings, payments to the City, bus service routes and the weekly meeting calendar.

"We looked closely at web traffic metrics to determine exactly which services people were accessing when they visited the City website, and used that information to help guide our redesign effort," said Public Information Officer Patrick W. Rollens.

This marks the first substantive redesign of the City website since 2011. The project began in April, when the City engaged Municode to build the new site. Aha Consulting, a Municode subsidiary based in Lake Oswego, led the redesign process.

Many of the design and structural decisions for the new website were informed by changes in mobile technology and web user behavior over the last six years. The site automatically detects the type of device that a visitor is using to view the site and adjusts the layout and information blocks to provide the best possible user experience. With more than 55 percent of web traffic to the City of Corvallis website coming from mobile devices, it is more important than ever to provide a mobile-friendly experience.

The website is built using Drupal, a robust, open-source web development platform, to ensure that the website remains customizable, easy to use and secure, the City said.

This project marked one of the first major work efforts for the City’s newly formed Information Technology Department. Previously, technology support functions for the City of Corvallis operated under a division in the Finance Department. Under City Manager Mark Shepard, these functions were elevated to the department level in 2016, bringing a more centralized approach that paved the way for projects such as the new City website.

The new site is expected to go live on December 4, 2017.

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