City Council considers renewing West Eugene Enterprise Zone

Aerial footage and images of the Hynix property (now Avago Technologies) courtesy Lance Hughes.

EUGENE, Ore. - A program that offers property tax exemptions to Eugene businesses will expire by the end of June. That's prompting a discussion at the Eugene City Council work session this evening. The Council will consider whether to continue the West Eugene Enterprise Zone.

The program provides tax exemptions designed to encourage industrial investments that create jobs and tax revenue. City officials said 33 companies have used the program. The sunset date would not have any immediate impact on Avago Technologies or any other company that is currently in the program, but it could affect future planning.

"Really it would impact the future of those companies as far as investment plans that they have, reinvestment, continued expansion and so forth," Denny Braud of Planning and Development.

The Enterprise Zone is jointly sponsored by Lane County. Commissioners will convene Tuesday morning at 10 to discuss Avago's $400-million investment, along with the re-designation of the West Eugene Enterprise Zone. No action will be taken by both governments at this time.

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