Citizens of Weed, CA protest for water rights in Springfield

RFP's Dillard office. (File/SBG photo)

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - The citizens of Weed, California are fighting for their water rights and against-- what they consider-- "legal bullying."

They came up from California Tuesday to protest in front of the Roseburg Forest Products company in Springfield.

One of the protesters, Jim Taylor, says the Roseburg company took their water rights away from them, rights they say they've had for over a hundred years.

Taylor says the company acted after a deal that involved the weed veneer plant in California.

He also says the citizens of Weed come from an impoverished community, which relies on a Mount Shasta spring for drinking water, a spring they say they no longer can use.

After a long legal battle with the company, Taylor just wants them to do the right thing.

"Drop the slap suit, naturally, and do the right thing on our water,” said Taylor. “And step out of the picture and give the water back to the citizens of Weed.”

We reached out to the Roseburg company today, but they declined to comment on camera.

They emailed us a statement instead, which said:

The lawsuit at issue seeks to eliminate challenges to such ownership; the litigation seeks no monetary compensation from any party.
All property records show Roseburg as the rightful owner since 19-83, when Roseburg purchased the water rights from international paper...
As part of its acquisition of the water veneer plant.

The company goes on to say that in the meantime, the city of Weed and the Roseburg company have signed a lease agreement.

The agreement will ensure a supply of water until the city finds alternative sources to replace it.

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