Chetco Bar Fire grows over 100,000 acres remains 0 percent contained

Chetco Bar Fire, August 24th. (

[UPDATE] The City of Brookings have been placed in Level 1 pre evacuation notice for the Chetco Bar Fire.

A Level 1 pre-evacuation notice has also been issued by Sheriff John Ward for the unincorporated areas that are not currently included in any other evacuation notice.

The Chetco Bar Fire has now burned 102,333 acres with no containment in sight.

The fire is burning in a steep rugged hill about 5.2 miles northeast of Brookings.


Fire crews say they made progress Wednesday and into the evening by building direct and indirect fire lines on the south and southwestern flank of the fire by using hand crews, dozers, and helicopter bucket drops. They will continue to build up a defense space, prepping and setting up sprinkler systems around homes in the area.


The "Chetco Wind" is expected to bring gusty winds to the northeast, humidity, and warmer temperatures through Saturday.


Level 2 and 3 evacuations remain into effect.

Residents in the Level 2 (Ready) are asked to remain prepared in the event they are asked to leave the area. Residents in the Level 3 evacuation area are asked to stay away.

This is a view at both Level 2 and Level 3 evacuation areas.

Authorities remind residents who have not signed up for the reverse 911 can do so by visiting

The Red Cross has set up an emergency shelter at Riley Elementary School in Gold Beach on 94350 6th Street. There is no shelter in Brookings.

The shelter provides the following services:

  • Shelter (sleeping are, cots, and blankets)
  • Food (hot meals and snacks)
  • Water and coffee
  • Showers
  • Information updates with the Fire Management Team
  • Information on pet shelter and livestock relocation assistance
  • People still needing assistance due to evacuations can call 888-680-1455.


Along the coast in the Gold Beach and Brookings-Harbor are expected to see an increase of smoke and haze in the area due to northeast winds pushing smoke from the southwest. Highway 101 will continue to have reduced visability.

For more information on air quality, visit:


Chetco Bar Fire burns 99,944 acres, 7 homes lost

5 homes lost to Chetco Bar Fire, Level 2 evacuation for some areas

This story will be updated throughout the day with updates as they become available.

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