Racist group using coffee shop's name online perks interest of Antifa

Racist group using coffee company's name brews up problems

ROSEBURG, Ore. - A coffee shop in Roseburg is trying to clear its name after white supremacy groups are allegedly using it to communicate online.

According to the "Eugene Antifa's" website, white supremacists are going under the name of the "Cascadian Coffee Company" to communicate on that chat app called "Discord."

Thousands of messages have been found on the app detailing activities and organizing interactions for facist groups ranging from Ashland to Seattle.

The Cascadian Coffee Company says they learned of the online activity last week, and want to make it clear that people of all backgrounds are welcome at their shop.

"It's very important to be inclusive and to be welcoming of everybody and not judge people before you meet them," said Courtney Dillon, co-owner of Cascadian Coffee Company.

The Cascadian Coffee Company says they don't know why far-right groups are using their name, but they hope they stop as soon as possible.

This story has come just after two Oregon pot shops reported that they were being harassed for having a similar name to another marijuana business, which is owned by a white nationalist.

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