Carley Ties the Knot: Transportation


Eugene, Ore - As time ticks closer to your big day, final plans are being made, including logistics on how you and guests will get to and from the reception site. This year it seems some couples are upping the ante. With the economic crisis mostly behind us, wedding coordinator Dawn Keeney says more and more couples are opting for transportation. From standard limos to stretch hummers, and everything in between, limo companies are working with clients to make their day extra special. Eugene Limo Company owner, Abed Succar, says they can provide rides from point "A" to point "B" or work by the hour. Succar says they will work with your budget to provide you that perfect ride.

More extensive bridal parties may need a little something extra. That's where big party buses come in. Gary Obermire with Premiere RV in Junction City offer 2 party buses to fit your bridal party needs. "The big bus is a little more unique. Three tvs, satellite system, bathroom inside" says Obermire.

It used to be couples driving their own cars away from their wedding, but now many are finding clever ways to say "hi" and "bye" to their guests. "Carriages, it's old school, very elegant. very victoria style and people love it. says Larry Chafin of Chafin Farm Carriage in Sweet Home. "This year we're getting requests for horse drawn carriages which isn't out of the ordinary, a lot of brides will do that. We have requests for helicopters, classic cars, motorcycles. You name it, we've gotten requests for it" says Dawn Keeney, owner of Unforgettable Service and Events. Keeney says she attributes the creativity to Pinterest. " I think because so many brides are on pinterest, so many weddings are beginning to look alike. It's just another way to 'one up' everybody" says Keeney.

Aside from a fun way to get to and from your wedding, transportation can also keep you and your bridal party safe. "I would much rather see somebody rent a bus then drive around after they've been drinking so that's a good thing we offer" says Obermire.

Which ever mode of transportation you decide, remember, it's about enjoying the ride.

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