Card skimmer found on ATM in Springfield

Medford police provided this photo of equipment illegally attached to a Rogue Credit Union ATM. The device circled at the top shields a camera used to capture PINs, while the lower circled skimmer reads data from debit or credit cards.

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - A device used to collect data from debit cards was found on an ATM in Springfield.

The skimming device is a look-a-like card insertion piece paired with a nearly identical keypad cover.

The device was found at Northwest Community Credit Union in Springfield on Sunday morning by a customer that noticed wires hanging from the card insertion piece.

The wires are used to collect data from every card swipe at the ATM.

“Skimming devices can be found on POS transactions; you go to a retail store, anywhere, you swipe your card, there's a possibility of it being compromised,” Garrett Christopherson with Northwest Community Credit Union says.

The credit union says you should always make sure the card insertion piece is in place and another one is not taped to the original .

The customers that used the ATM during the time the skimming device was collecting data have been notified and given replacement cards.

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