Cahoots looks for funding in Springfield as money set to run out

Cahoots looks for funding in Springfield has money sets to run out

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Cahoots is looking for a way to maintain its service in Springfield after funding runs dry next summer.

Cahoots has been operating in Eugene for decades, but only started running its crisis and behavioral response in Springfield in 2015.

The money from a pilot program through the Oregon Performance Plan that has been funding the program is set to end next year. This fiscal year, Cahoots is on track to help 6,000 people in Springfield and Glenwood.

The operations coordinator says not only do they help those in crisis, but they also divert people who may otherwise go to the Emergency Room, or jail.

"We're worried that a lot of those folks will end up going to the hospital a lot more often, getting arrested for smaller infractions," said Tim Black. "Really just not having the full resources at their disposal that this community really has to offer."

Now, Cahoots is hoping to collaborate with the City of Springfield, Police, Fire and other community partners for funding. It would cost about $750,000 to maintain their current level of service.

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