Broadcom now plans to sell facility in west Eugene

Aerial footage and images of the Hynix property courtesy Lance Hughes.

EUGENE, Ore. - The company that purchased the defunct Hynix plant in West Eugene and planned $400 million upgrade to the facility is now selling the facility.

In an email, a corporate communications representative from Broadcom said the company plans to sell the unused fab site in Eugene. It no longer plans to use the facility in its wireless semiconductor business.

Lane County and the City of Eugene this year awarded Broadcom (also known as Avago) a 5-year property tax break worth an estimated $21 million.

The company had agreed to pay 150 percent of the average local compensation to employees.

The company planned to employ 230 people at the facility after a $100 million remodel and $300 million in new equipment.

The company purchased the vacant plant at auction in 2015.

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