Woman documents transformation from bodybuilder to cancer fighter on Instagram

Cheyann Clark took to Instagram to document her battle and transformation from a bikini bodybuilder to cancer fighter, to show what the disease does to the body. (Photo: Cheyann Clark/Instagram)

MAPLE VALLEY, Wash. - Cheyann Clark wanted to inspire. So when the 23-year old got into the best shape of her life, she started her fitness Instagram page.

"It's the most amazing feeling," she said of building enough muscle to compete as a bikini bodybuilder.

She had a pretty good following. But her page blew up with a recent post.

"Oh my gosh, it's insane. I'm almost at 200,000 followers," she said.

The post shows two photos of Cheyann, side by side. One was taken a matter of months ago and highlights her lean muscle. The one next to it shows her body ravaged by cancer treatment.

"I'm used to looking in the mirror and seeing muscle and all my hard work. And it disappeared literally overnight," Cheyann said.

Four months ago, Cheyann was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer.

She's had multiple surgeries and chemotherapy

"It's still hard,” she said while wiping away tear. "I just have a really good support system, but finding out I have cancer was pretty hard."

It was hard on her emotionally and hard on her body.

She lost 28 pounds. She lost her hair. But she didn't lose her spirit.

"I could either let this rule my life and take over and die. Or I could put my gloves on, face it and get in the ring and kick its butt,” she said. “And that's what I decided to do."

Cheyann's revealing selfies went from muscular to skin and bones and a surgery scar.

"Everybody's beautiful, no matter what their body looks like,” she said.

She still uses her Instagram page to inspire.

"I've really seen what life is all about and I've realized to live each day like it's your last."

Cheyann wants to show what cancer does to a body.

But she also hopes you see - what she sees.

"I see a warrior and somebody who's ready to battle,” she said.

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