'Blondie the Horse' merchandise available for the holidays

Future for Blondie the horse uncertain, but visitors are always welcome

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - A non-profit started by a cancer patient at Willamette Valley Cancer Institute is raising money for other local cancer patients using a familiar community face.

Blondie is the inspiration for the local non-profit called "Blondie the RiverBend Horse," which looks to raise money to improve the quality of life of cancer patients at Sacred Heart and Willamette Valley Cancer Institute.

Prior to recent construction, the horse was constantly visible for patients receiving cancer treatment at RiverBend.

But according to the non-profit's founder and patient, Sherry Norman, Blondie came to mean much more than just a horse.

"People that sit in those chairs, they don't know what's going to happen tomorrow or down the road,” said Norman. “But they know that horse is going to be there, and they know that they can sit there and feed her an apple or give her a carrot.”

Thanks to local artist, Brian Kraus, who did the design for free, t-shirts ($20), hoodies ($35), tote bags ($25) and christmas ornaments ($12) are all on sale at Sacred Heart at RiverBend this week.

Organizers say the proceeds from those sales and their GoFundMe will go towards iPads and headphones for cancer patients undergoing treatment, as well as future financial support for cancer patients at the two hospitals.

The merchandise is not yet available, the the organization plans to have items available for purchase soon.

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