Bike share program pushes back starting date in Eugene

Eugene Bike Share pushes release date back to Spring

EUGENE, Ore. - A new bike-share program that was expected to launch this fall is now being pushed back to next spring.

The program has been in the works since 2014, and it would allow people to check out a bicycle for short urban trips that might otherwise be made by bus or car.

The program was able to secure a title sponsor, pushing back the launch date. Eugene Bike Share is waiting to release the name of their sponsor until they have some bike models to show residents.

The general manager of Eugene Bike Share says this gives them more time to prepare the program.

"Initially, we were thinking of a fall launch, as we know the nice weather days are getting more and more limited," said Lindsey Hayward, the General Manager or Eugene Bike Share. "It's a great opportunity to kind of put a pause on it, look at the launch in the spring as opposed to this fall, and really get ready for a long riding system."

The Eugene system will have 35 stations and 300 bikes throughout the city.

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