Big game, family get together, same issue: Don't drink and drive

EUGENE, Ore. - Thanksgiving. Civil War. Hannukah. Black Friday. Small Business Saturday. Buy Nothing Day.

Whatever this holiday weekend means to you, mean this, too: Don't drink and drive.

State and local police agencies all plan what they call "DUII saturation patrols."

That means more officers on the street with explicit instructions to keep the citzenry safe from intoxicated drivers.

So whether you're going to your aunt's house to eat or the Civil War game to see the other team beat: if you're drinking, don't drive.

LTD will run Autzen Stadium shuttle busses in Eugene run on a normal Saturday game day schedule Friday.

"That gives us the opportunity to run the football service for the Civil War game," said Andy Vobora with LTD. "We'll be out 4 hours before kickoff at our 8 park and ride locations around the community offering the Autzen express routes to the games."

The busses won't run on Thanksgiving day, however.

Oregon Taxi said they plan to put more cars-for-hire on the road Thursday and Friday to accomodate Thanksgiving and Civil War customers.

"We definitely go all hands on deck during these types of days, and I think this Friday we will have upwards of 40 vehicles on the road and 5 dispatchers on," Jay Mayernik at Oregon Taxi said.

Officer Ryan Stone explained the strategy behind a DUII Saturation patrol.

"Roadways leading to and from Autzen Stadium," he said, "but then also branching out to other areas that we expect to be affected by game day traffic.

"Any of the bars, sports bar obviously," Stone said. "We know there's a lot of people who congregate."

And if you aren't of the legal drinking age?

Stay out of your aunt's eggnog.

"If you're a minor and you're operating a vehicle it's actually an enhanced penalty," Stone said. "And if you're arrested for operating a vehicle under the influence and you're under 21 years old, then there's a less requirement, if you will - your BAC - to end up getting a license suspension. It's actually any alcohol detected in your blood on your breathalizer."

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