Bi-Mart celebrates construction of expanded warehouse in Eugene

Bi-Mart held a ceremony Thursday to celebration construction of a new warehouse in west Eugene. The warehouse will allow the company to double inventory. (SBG)

EUGENE, Ore. - Bi-Mart is expanding its footprint in the Northwest.

On Thursday, the employee-owned chain celebrated the groundbreaking of their new warehouse facility in West Eugene.

The expansion will double their current inventory and add dozens of jobs to its corporate headquarters in Eugene."

"Those people that get hired on know they have a stable place to work," said long-time Bi-Mart employee Leslie Wilson. "That's huge."

"Our average employee has been with us for 15 years," said Don Leber, Bi-Mart's Vice President of Advertising and Marketing.

In the age of online shopping, Leber said dedicated employees and loyal members are their secrets to success. He also said that Bi-Mart meets the needs of the northwest.

"This is who and what we are. We're never going to be a national chain," Leber said. "So we know, whether its fishing and hunting and camping, or if it's in the food category, we're geared towards what is the Northwest."

Bi-Mart was founded 63 years ago in Yakima, Washington. It now employs more than 3,500 people across the Northwest.

"It's a testament to our loyal members. It's a testament to our employee owners," Leber said. "It seems simple, but be true to who and what you are."

The $14 million self-funded warehouse facility is set to be completed in a year.

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