Benton County bridges closed to heavy vehicles until they're replaced

Irish Bend Bridge and Dodge Island Bridge outside Monroe are under weight restrictions. Photo by Audrey Weil.

MONROE, Ore. -- Two bridges outside of Monroe are under weight restrictions until they can be replaced.

Irish Bend Bridge is limited to fourteen tons.

That means no large fire engines or farm machinery.

Dodge Island Bridge is limited to eight tons, meaning no garbage trucks or ambulances.

Benton County is working with residents nearby on detour routes.

The bridges are in poor condition, and county spokesperson Lili'a Neville says limiting the weight makes them a higher priority for replacement:

"It's the state's rating process so then they're able to look at all the bridges across the state and see really which bridges are in most need of being replaced," Neville said.

It will cost $3.6 million to replace the bridges.

Benton County will find out in the next two years if they'll receive that money from the state.

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