Beltline Paving Project is underway; ODOT officials ask drivers to 'know before you go'

Courtesy Oregon Department of Transportation

EUGENE, Ore. - Summer is construction season, and the Oregon Department of Transportation is preparing and starting many projects in the area.

One major project already in the works is the Beltline paving project, and drivers can expect to see construction crews working on this highway for a little while longer.

Every Sunday through Thursday from 9 P.M. to 5 A.M. drivers can expect to see construction along different parts of Beltline this summer.

It's something O.D.O.T. officials want drivers to be aware of and to be prepared for.

"We hadn't done huge construction projects in Eugene for some time," said Public Information Officer for O.D.O.T. Region 2, Angela Beers-Seydel, "So, we ended up with a number of them all at once."

Eugene's Beltline highway sees some of the city's worst rush-hour traffic. Now, O.D.O.T. is three weeks in on a major construction project they hope will clear up some of that traffic.

"Everybody in the end wants a safe and reliable transportation system, and gets us where we're going," said Beers-Seydel. "But, that means sometimes you're a little inconvenienced."

That little bit of inconvenience Beers-Seydel describes, begins with the Beltline Project. Between bridge prep and road repaving, she said it's a project that could last through October.

Then in July and August, sections of the highway between Roosevelt Boulevard and River Road will be closed five different weekends, but still open to traffic both directions.This is just one part of many construction projects planned in the Eugene area.Maintenance patching from West 11th to Roosevelt Boulevard, and the OR 126 Pavement Preservation Project begins this summer. And O.D.O.T.'s biggest project in the mix is a two year bridge repair along I-105 also begins this summer."We've got four bridges on I-105, between downtown Eugene and Delta that were built in the 60's and 70's and really need to be brought up to current standards," said Beers-Seydel.In the spring of 2019, construction crews will begin a 20 million dollar re-vamp of the Delta Highway Interchange, adding a new ramp and demolishing another to make it safer.Beers-Seydel said during construction, drivers can expect delays up to 20 minutes, and depending on the project, delays may vary."Think about when you're going, where you're going, why you're going, how you're going," said Beers Seydel. "Is there a different mode you want to use depending on what's going on in your area?"As O.D.O.T. says -- "Know before you go."For details on the projects happening throughout the Eugene area state highways this summer, just click on the link here for the Oregon Department of Transportation's website.If you are traveling on Beltline overnight, check for the latest on construction sites, and delays and detours that may be in the area.
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