Beautiful at the lake: 'Anything over 85 is a special treat'

DORENA, Ore. - With near-record temperatures broiling the region, lots of people are looking to escape the heat at Western Oregon's lakes and reservoirs.

"It's important to get your core temperature down," said boater Barry Willis, "and no better place than the water."

Park rangers at Dorena Reservoir southeast of Eugene said that so many folks are flocking to swimming holes there that extra parking lots have to be opened to accomodate the cars.

Dorena is popular with kids like Sierra Fenison.

"It's hot outside, and I like to swim," she said.

And while some people watch the forecast for a break from the heat, others just want more.

"It always seems like anything over 85 is a special treat," said Russ Schmidt, "but we like the heat, that's why we have a boat. We're always excited to have good weather like this."

And for $4 to park your car, folks at Dorena Reservoir said it's a cheap way to cool off.

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