Avago Technologies moves into Hynix building, nearby businesses look forward to change

EUGENE, Ore. - Call it a "ripple" effect - when the Hynix facility shut down, some businesses in the area felt the pinch.

The restaurant employees we spoke with say they saw business plummet after Hynix left. But that's why they're excited a new company is coming in, because it could mean more foot traffic.

Fast forward seven years, the buzz of "Avago Technologies" is stirring up old emotions of excitement. Employees at Keg Tavern and Jung's Mongolian Grill say they're ready for even more booming business.

"With something new coming in its going to be really nice to have more customers coming in, as you can see, we're still really busy but it will add more business to us," says employee Dustin Baelz of Jung's Mongolian Grill.

They say the new company won't just help restaurants, but all the businesses around the area. We won't know how soon these businesses will start to really feel the impact.

Even though Avago isn't set to open until 2017, the influx of people while it's under construction will still generate a lot of activity.

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