Auto experts advise: Get your car ready for winter now

Auto experts say now's the time to make sure your car is ready for rain, snow and ice. Photo by Audrey Weil.

EUGENE, Ore. -- With winter weather here, Kenny Lakatos at Autobahn Imports says now's the time to get your car a check-up.

"Wiper blades with the rain, they get old, they'll start falling over, getting floppy, they'll leave streaks on the window," he said.

Bad wipers aren't just annoying but dangerous, too, making it hard to see.

"Your washer fluid," he said. "People need to replace it with negative degrees so it doesn't freeze up and you can actually defrost your windows in the morning."

Same goes for coolant: "You always want to make sure you have adequate coolant so it won't freeze."

And he says check your coolant pipes; make sure there are no cracks.

"You'll lose all your coolant, you'll be stuck on the side of the road," Lakatos said.

And then the most important part for driving in rain and snow: "Make sure you have adequate tread on your tires you don't want to slip."

Lakatos says they're all easy, quick things to check. A lot of people just don't think about it.

"I don't want to see somebody slide off the road and hit a kid or hit anybody for that matter because they didn't check their tires, they didn't check their alignment, let their brakes go the whole summer, didn't check anything out," he said.

So he says do it all now before the weather gets even worse.

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