'As we grow we hope to take care of more families'

    Eugene mother carries out her daughter's wishes with the Orange Ribbon Foundation

    LANE COUNTY, Ore. - The orange ribbon can symbolize many things, but one thing it symbolizes is Leukemia awareness.

    A mother here in Eugene lost her daughter, Yvonne, earlier this year to Leukemia. Yvonne's last wish was to create the orange ribbon foundation.

    Yvonne's mother, Tiffany Bell-Alanis started creating baskets filled with essentials like shampoo, blankets and awareness bracelets like these.

    It's to help provide comfort for families and their loved one battling cancer in the hospital.

    "Generally, you can't get shampoo or Tylenol at 10 o clock at night because the gift shop might be closed,” said Bell-Alanis. “Or, they don't have a way to get to a store. So, these baskets are filled with essential items."

    A mother living out her daughter's last wish before she died.

    Her daughter Yvonne was 16 when she passed away. She wanted to create a foundation to help those and their families battling cancer in the hospital.

    After a week, Yvonne decided to call it the Orange Ribbon Foundation.

    "Since May of 2018, we have made over 20 baskets,” said Bell-Alanis. “Normally catering to children hospitals since they're local ones. But we have sent some to Seattle's Children's Hospitals and Norton's Children's Hospitals in Kentucky. As we grow we hope to take care of more families.”

    Tiffany has new year goals to make this foundation grow and extend out to even more families.

    If you'd like to donate to the Orange Ribbon Foundation, you can visit this link for more information.

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