As students move out, volunteers move in

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EUGENE, Ore. - As University of Oregon students move out, volunteers move in to gather donations for the Springfield Public Schools Brattain House.

"It's been really interesting," said Jennifer Gonzales, a volunteer from SELCO. "I think we knew we were going to be loading up barrels and taking them to the trucks, but I think we didn't know all the things we would find.

"It's nice to see them give back and all the things that are going to go to help people."

All of the donated items will be sorted and appropriate clothing and items such as school supplies and bedding will be kept to be given to low-income students and their families during the school year.

"We go back, we sort the different things and we save what we can use for our programs and programs we're in partnership with," said Janet Beckman with Brattain House.

All other items will be sold at a "Treasure Sale" on July 11 and 12. Proceeds from this sale will go towards purchasing school supplies and backpacks to be given away at the beginning of the school year to low-income students.

Last year more than 2,000 children were provided with clothing and school supplies.

Volunteers from SELCO staffed the effort Friday.

"We could all come out and do it as a team, which is kind of a fun team building event and really help this great cause locally," said Colleen Thomson, "and a chance to get out of the office."

And have some fun.

"You'll occasionally catch one of us in some costume that's been donated or some tutu or something like that," Beckman said.

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