Anti-Abortion display at Lane Community College draws criticism from students

Anti-Abortion Display

EUGENE, Ore. - Hundreds of people in Lane County turned their attention to Lane Community College on Monday, where a number of anti-abortion messages were put on display.

The display showed disturbing images of aborted fetuses, along with graphic pictures of Holocaust and lynching victims.

The display was recently taken down by the organizers so as not to be vandalized over night, but it will be back up standing on Tuesday morning.

The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform put on the "Genocide Awareness Project," displaying several images of aborted fetuses.

Some images compared aborted fetuses to victims of the Holocaust and lynchings, calling them all a form a genocide.

"You have to go back and ask yourself: if the pictures are too disturbing,how is it that the practice that produced these pictures of the actual abortion itself - how is it not disturbing?" said Jacqueline Hawkins from the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform.

Some students at LCC believe the display was going too far.

One student could be seen standing in silence near the display with a sign reading "Don't Hate, Don't Miseducate."

Others chose to be vocal.

"For an outside organization to come into our town, into our community college - to do this is just uncalled for," said Eric Howanietz, a student at LCC. "These people are cowards in my mind."

Howanietz and his classmates weren't even notified of the display until Monday morning.

"They have a right to do this, and we have a right to hear about it going down on our campus," said Howanietz. "You know, this happening on a Monday morning, at the beginning of the semester is completely uncalled for."

"We are looking into that," said Brett Rowlett, director of public affairs at LCC. "There was a little bit of confusion on our end. This reservation that this group submitted was originally put in for later this week, some of us were assuming that the display would be up for Wednesday and Thursday."

Regardless, the group behind the display says they have the right to show these images, no matter how graphic they may be.

The display will be back up on Tuesday before classes, and there will also be a peaceful protest held by students who disagree with the display.

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