Air quality in Eugene reaches "unhealthy" levels

Lane Regional Air Protection Agency has classified the air quality in Eugene as "unhealthy."

EUGENE, Ore. - With numerous wildfires burning throughout the state of Oregon, smoke-filled skies hover here in Lane County.

Because of this, the Lane Regional Air Protection Agency has deemed the air quality as "unhealthy."

LRAPA says that wind from the east blew the smoke into Lane County over the past week, and sensitive groups like the elderly, infants and those with asthma are most likely to be affected by the contaminated air.

Despite the smoky skies, people around town were still outside, enjoying the warm weather.

"It doesn't feel that different to me," said Michael Schwentner, who was skateboarding at Amazon Park. "This morning I thought it was fog, but then it stayed so I realized it was smoke, but it hasn't changed really anything. I don't have asthma or anything, so it's not particularly irritating me."

LRAPA says if you are feeling the affects of the smoke, it is best to wait it out and limit the time you spend outdoors.

They say you can expect smoky skies until Wednesday, and that hourly air quality updates are available online at

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