Adoption fee's waived for select pets under Greenhill Humane Society's new promotion

The 24th Annual Bark in the Park presented by Greenhill Humane Society took place on Sunday May 21, 2017 at Alton Baker Park. It featured a 2K Walk and a 5K/10K run. The men’s 5K was won by Ian Dobson and Chap (16:44) followed by BJ Sauter and Rudy (17:08) and Andrew Heintz and Turbo (19:01). The women’s 5K was won by Kathleen Casto and Piper (19:23) followed by Kris Pearce (22:32) and Lisa Radosevich and Sam (23:23). The men’s 10K was won by Michael Stearns (38:22) followed by Daniel Gretz and Tahoma (39:41) and Nate Jaqua and Chet The Jet (41:09). The women’s 10K was won by Madi Scott (44:00) followed by Claire Lender and Max (44:46) and Heidi Gori and Gatsby (47:18). Photo by Quinton Moore, Oregon News Lab

EUGENE, Ore. - If you've been considering adopting a pet for some time, now might be the best opportunity for you to do it.

For the entire month of October, the Greehill Humane Society has waived their adoption fee's for select animals in their shelters.

This news comes after the shelter partnered with the ASPCA and Kendall Subaru.

The event, "Subaru Loves Pets," features dogs, cats and even bunnies, which Greenhill says would all be a great addition to your household.

"One of the most amazing things about adopting a local shelter animal is that you're not only changing the life of that particular animal, but you're also freeing up spaces here at the shelters so that we can help more animals locally in the community," said Sasha Elliot of Greenhill Humane Society.

Elliot says you should check out their shelter on First Avenue in Eugene for the majority of those pets that are under the 'no-fee' waiver.

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