A joyous time for many, the holiday season can be full of depression and angst for some


It's the end of the holiday season, which for many was a time for friends, family and celebration. However, that is not always the case for everyone in our community.

A local non-profit counseling service says that for some of their clients, the holiday season is the hardest time of year.

The time of year gives us Thanksgiving dinner, Santa Claus at the mall, and to top it all off, the New Year's ball drop in New York City. For many people, these are all staples in what is typically a joyous time of year, but others dread the winter months for the same reasons.

Bea Morrison is a counselor with White Bird Clinic in Eugene. She says that the festive time of the year is the hardest for some of her clients who are dealing with loneliness.

"It's a hard time because they are consistently sad, you know," said Morrison. "No one calls the crisis line because it's the best day of their life."

Morrison says it's because of our culture's push to get those into the holiday spirit.

"It starts off happy and the expectation is that everyone is supposed to be happy," said Morrison. "But it turns into a disaster year after year after year, and after a while it's really damaging."

So while many people are with family or out celebrating, Morrison is at White Bird, talking to those who are struggling through the holidays.

"I talk to them about how it's fairly normal for a lot of people," said Morrison. "And I tell them if going to a holiday function give you angst and sorrow, then you do not have to do it."

Morrison says the tough time of the year is finally over for most, and if there's anyone still looking for a New Year's resolution, then focus on being grateful and giving back.

White Bird clinic is always looking for trained volunteers, as well as other donations like blankets and socks.

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