3.8 quake shakes Southern Oregon, but when is the next big one?

GOLD BEACH, Ore. -- A magnitude 3.8 earthquake shook early this morning about 25 miles away from Gold Beach, just two days before the 314th anniversary of the Cascadia Earthquake.

The USGS hasn't reported any damage from the quake.

The epicenter was located about 55 miles South-Southeast from Coos Bay and 54 miles Southwest of Roseburg. It happened just before 6:00 am, and the USGS says few people reported feeling the shake.

The earthquake came just two days before the 314th anniversary of the Cascadia Earthquake, the last large-scale quake to have hit the Pacific Northwest.

"We're in the window right now for that earthquake to happen again," said Michael Murphy of Coos County Emergency Management.

Knowing that another large-scale earthquake could hit the northwest at any time has many concerned about the dangers of a tsunami striking the coastline.

Ron Metzger, a professor of Earth Sciences at Southwestern Oregon Community, said it's not uncommon for earthquakes to strike hundreds of miles off the coast.

"They're small enough that they don't cause tsunamis, they really very rarely are felt on-shore," said Metzger.

He says what we really have to watch out for is the Cascadia Subduction Zone, a techtonic plate that has been stuck since the last "big one" in the 1700's.

"The best thing? Being prepared," said Metzger, adding that coastal residents should be aware of their town's tsunami zones and evacuation routes.

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