15th annual walk to support those with Parkinson's takes place in Eugene

'It's not a death sentence': Walk for Parkinson's takes place in Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. - Sunday was the Parkinson's Resources of Oregon's Soul Support 5K Walk, and several people with the disease spoke about how resources have given them a new outlook on life.

David Kolb, Sandy Hull, Judie Pindell and Mike Barns are all living with Parkinson's. It's a neurological disease that slowly affects people's ability to control their muscles.

The diagnosis can be devastating for the person, and even harder to tell family.

All four Oregonians found support through the Parkinson's Resources of Oregon, better known as 'Pro.' Pro services thousands of people in Oregon with access to information, exercise classes and support groups.

For the pasts 14 years, a 5K walk held in Eugene supports Pro and their efforts to help people with Parkinson's live full lives.

It's also a show of community support, and a reminder that the disease touches many lives, but there is still hope for a full life.

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