11th Annual Whiteaker Block Party showcases neighborhood

(SBG photo)

EUGENE, Ore. -- The Whiteaker Block Party began 11 years ago in the Ninkasi Brewery parking lot.

The event has grown to be neighborhood-wide and has turned into a large-scale showcase of what the Whiteaker has to offer.

The event is free for the public with multiple displays of local art, crafts, music, food and craft beer.

Chris Gadsby, one of the founding members of the block party, says it’s an event for the people of Eugene to come together.

"It’s a good place to go and meet people, say hello, see your neighbors or people that come down here that have never been to the Whiteaker; it’s a good way for us to interact with everyone,” said Gadsby.

The block party is funded every year by donations from multiple sponsors. Ninkasi Brewery is the main sponsor.

Committee members say they are excited for next year’s event.

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