Rubio lashes out at Snoop Dogg for attacking 'Trump' in music video

(MGN Online)

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio has blasted Snoop Dogg for releasing a video in which he holds a gun at a Donald Trump lookalike's head.

Rubio, who stood against Trump for the Republican Party's presidential nomination last year, insists the rapper was "wrong" to take aim at the U.S. leader in his promo for "Lavender."

In the clip, Snoop finds himself in a world governed by circus clowns and makes an example of one dressed like Trump.

Rubio tells TMZ, "Snoop shouldn't have done that. We've had presidents assassinated in this country before so anything like that is really something we should be careful about.

"I think people could disagree on policy, but we gotta be careful with that kind of thing, because the wrong person sees that and gets the wrong idea, you can have a real problem. I'm not sure what Snoop was thinking. He should think about that a little."

The rap star has also been attacked by Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen, who told the outlet Snoop should be "ashamed" of himself for mocking the President with a gun.

"It's totally disgraceful. Snoop owes the President an apology," he told TMZ on Tuesday. "There's absolutely nothing funny about an assassination attempt on a president, and I'm really shocked at him because I thought he was better than that.

"I'm not really sure I understand the artistic value to having somebody dress up as Trump and firing a weapon at him. I certainly would not have accepted it if it was President Obama. I certainly don't accept it as President Trump, and in all fairness, it's not funny, it's not artistic."

Snoop Dogg has yet to respond.

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