'It's chaos:' Country star Jake Owen recalls Las Vegas shooting

Country star Jake Owen with this mother, Mitzi. (Mitzi Owen) 

Vero Beach native and country music star Jake Owen was performing one minute, then dodging bullets the next during Sunday night's mass shooting in Las Vegas.

He survived the deadly shooting and his mother, Mitzi Owen, is telling her son’s frightening story of survival.

“He said he crouched behind a car with 13 other people and he said some were bleeding," Mitzi Owen said. "He saw a woman get shot. There were people in the streets."

Mitzi Owen says bullets were flying as her son ran for his life from the stage where he had performed just 15 minutes earlier.

“He said you could hear them whizzing by his ears, over his head,” she said.

Jake was able to make it safely to a crew bus and sent his mother a text message.

“There’s been a shooting. People are down. It’s chaos, please pray for everyone,” she said.

Mitzi also added that she worried was about her son being caught in a mass shooting while performing.

“I’ve worried about the arenas. I’ve worried, but you can’t live your live that way.”

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