Round 4: Robinson again challenges Rep. DeFazio in Oregon's 4th district

Libertarian candidate Gil Gutherie (center) sits between Republican candidate Art Robinson (left) and Rep. Peter Defazio, a Democrat from Springfield. (SBG)

EUGENE, Ore. - Two familiar foes traded barbs in a Congressional candidate forum Friday.

"I will be here running against lying little Pete until he's gone," Republican candidate Art Robinson said of Rep. Peter DeFazio.

"You know, you're trying to do a pretty good Donald Trump imitation," DeFazio replied, "but you don't quite have the personality for it. Really, I'm sorry."

This is the fourth time the Cave Junction chemist Robinson has run in an attempt to unseat DeFazio.

The Springfield Democrat seeks his 16th term in the House.

The two took the stage Friday at the Eugene City Club alongside Green Party candidate Mike Beilstein and Libertarian candidate Gil Gutherie.

With four candidates answering questions, the topics were limited.

But the quartet staked out clear positions on climate change.

"Right now the greatest issue facing our country is climate change," Beilstein said, "and I don't see the level of response required to actually deal with this problem."

"We need to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels," DeFazio said. "I supported stopping the Keystone XL pipeline."

"Renewables are the way to go," Guthrie said. "They're the most efficient, least harmful."

Robinson said he supports alternate energy development, including wind and solar.

But he said he thinks some regions still need hydro-carbon energy, like in third world countries.

"Millions of those people will die if this failed hypothesis actually is implemented on a worldwide basis," Robinson said.

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