Knute Buehler brings gubernatorial campaign to Coos Bay

    Knute Buehler made a stop in Coos Bay for his campaign for Oregon Governor.

    COOS BAY, Ore. - Knute Buehler made a stop in Coos Bay for his campaign for Oregon Governor.

    Buehler brought his gubernatorial campaign to Coos County, talking about issues that he believes are key to helping the South Coast, from education to the homeless crisis, to the public employee retirement system.

    "Too many of the dollars now are bypassing kids and classroom learning, and going right into pension accounts," said Buehler. "We need to deal with our PERS spending problem in the state of Oregon and bring a solution that gets more of those dollars into the classroom."

    Buehler says that he'll propose a 15-percent funding increase for education with his first two budgets as governor. According to his campaign, Coos County has a 58-percent graduation rate.

    Buehler also has a five-year goal to end homelessness by 2023, by creating what he says are 8,000 new emergency transitional shelter beds.

    As far as his response to the recent questioning of his being "Pro-Choice," Buehler had this to say:

    "I voted against one particular bill for fiscal reasons, for budget reasons since it added new benefits for new beneficiaries, it was not anything in regards to choice."

    As a native Oregonian, Buehler is a physician in Central Oregon, and this is his second run for Governor. His outreach and planned town hall meetings is why Fran Holland favors him over incumbent Kate Brown.

    "We'll have the chance to talk to him, which we don't with Kate Brown," said Holland.

    Buehler will be campaigning up and down the south coast. including meeting with the Coquille Indian Tribe.

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