Watch: KOMO News town hall on the minimum wage


SEATTLE -- KOMO News aired a town hall that focused on the minimum wage Wednesday, Aug. 23.

A minimum wage of $15 an hour began earlier this year for Seattle's largest employers. Washington's minimum wage rose to $11 an hour at the start of the year.

The city of SeaTac was at the forefront of high minimum wages. It passed a first-in-the-nation $15 wage in 2013. But legal battled over back wages there continue.

Studies disagree about whether the high minimum wages hurt employment. And some employers object to the higher wages.

Mark Hyman was the moderator of Town Hall: Your Voice, Your Future special on the Battle over Minimum Wage.

These experts joined Hyman:

  • Dr. Jacob Vigdor, University of Washington
  • Pamela Hinckley, CEO of Tom Douglas Restaurants
  • David Rolf, president, SEIU 775 and author of “The Fight for Fifteen”
  • Howard Wright, founder and CEO of Seattle Hospitality
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