Kevin Cohen Plumbing

Kevin Cohen Plumbing

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Kevin Cohen Plumbing

Job Positions: We are always looking for Journeymen plumbers. The reality is that it is almost impossible to find Journeymen plumbers that are looking for a job. We regularly higher for general laborers, Plumbers Apprentices, Journeyman plumbers, Drain Cleaners, Project managers, and several office positions. It takes a lot of support to operate the way we do but our most frequently filled position is Laborers who aspire to become apprentices and ultimately Licensed Journeyman Plumbers. To be frank, the industry could seriously benefit from some woman plumbers. We are actively seeking women to join the trade.

Qualifications: The qualifications very greatly for the position that we are seeking to fill but I will speak directly about laborers and apprentices. Good driving records are extremely important. If you can’t drive our rigs, how can you realistically respond to a plumbing situation? To become an apprentice, you must have several qualifications. The first being a high school diploma or GED with a C average or better in algebra, or the equivalent. But the most important qualification is to be hungry. If you’re not looking for a career, but rather a job, then I would advise you to keep looking. This is a serious trade and true professionals will access at it.

Pay: The pay can vary greatly. Laborers could start around the $11.50 per hour range and the apprentices actually have a scaled wage which basically means they start around $14 and so long as they stay current with the apprentice program, they receive a raise every 6 months, reaching close to $30 by the last period of the program. As for the wages after apprenticeship, we employ people who make well over $100k annually including a very comprehensive benefit package. The current average wage for plumbers in our area is over $31 per hour, not to mention benefits!

Training: Our apprentice program has a very comprehensive plan to facilitate the proper training while in a classroom setting and even includes a mock plumbing wall to practice real world scenarios on a controlled setting. They are taught to understand the plumbing code and the reasons behind the code, ensuring the health and safety of our neighbors. We here at KCP further that training with monthly training events, real world application of the training and we even have a test house where we teach thing from the safe usage of power tools to how to plumb and install water and waste lines in a controlled setting.

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