Database tracks law enforcement job openings in Oregon

A wave of retirements is set to create hundreds of openings in law enforcement across Oregon.

EUGENE, Ore.- If you're looking for a job, heads up: There are dozens of law enforcement positions opening throughout Oregon, and even more expected to open within the next few years.

The reason for the job influx is because many employees hired in the 1980s are at retirement age. When they retire, their positions will open up to new applicants.

Eriks Gabliks, the Director of the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training, says 400 people retired from law enforcement jobs in 2017. He expects another 400 to 500 to retire in 2018, and the same amount to retire in 2019.

"There's probably never been a better opportunity because of the number of vacancies we're currently working on, and that we anticipate," Gabliks says.

That's why several agencies have partnered to create a database of open law enforcement jobs.

The database features each job's title, contact person, and salary.

It's updated daily with positions that vary from police officer, to 911 dispatcher, to communications director.

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