'Take your time and be patient': Oregon State Police ramps up patrols ahead of eclipse

Map shows Oregon State Police units on the road as of midday Friday. (OSP)

SALEM, Ore. - Oregon State Police ramped up patrols for the weekend ahead of the total solar eclipse, anticipating an increase in traffic as an estimated 1 million visitors make their way into the path of totality.

State police shared a picture Friday of the Computer Aided Dispatch screen for their units as of noon Friday.

This week, Lt. Bill Fugate said state police were treating this weekend as an all hands on deck scenario.

"We're just asking people to keep moving, don't stop on the shoulders for two obvious reasons," Fugate said (See video above for full statement). " One: Emergency vehicles, we need to get through to fire, medical calls, police call. And number two is the fire danger. Getting vehicles on the shoulder this time of year, there's a lot of dry vegetation, that could start a fire."

"We will be making every effort to increase your safety on over 7,000 miles of state highways in Oregon," state police wrote in a Facebook post. "Focus will be on the fatal five driving behaviors; speed, occupant safety, lane usage, impaired driving, and distracted driving. Please take your time and be patient with the expected traffic increases."

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