Puppies rode the MAX today, as part of their guide dog training


Future guide dogs were put to the test today by riding the MAX.

Ten puppies in training rode the Blue Line from Northeast 7th to Pioneer Square today, as part of the Guide Dogs for the Blind program.

They train dogs to help those who are blind and visually impaired.

In order to best serve their future owners, the dogs have to be comfortable in every situation, including on public transit.

One current guide dog owner told us the training, which her dog "Nabisco" has, is essential.

“I travel throughout the city; I do a lot of bus travel for work in Southeast Portland,” she tells KATU. “Nabisco gives me so much more confidence and freedom. I'm able to walk so much faster than I am with my white cane."

The puppies learn basic obedience from their handlers for about 14 months.

From there they go through formal training to be a guide dog, both by themselves and later with their future owner.

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