Oregon firefighters help animals impacted by California wildfires

Oregon firefighters are helping pets impacted by the wildfires in Portland. They're caring for cats and feeding horses. Photo courtesy Oregon State Fire Marshal

Oregon firefighters aren’t only helping human victims of the California wildfires, they’re also working to help pets.

The Oregon Office of State Fire Marshal posted on Facebook Wednesday saying the wildfires can displace and cause stress for pets, especially if their owners must move or leave them behind.

A slideshow video shows a Washington County Strike Team firefighter named Brad who fed and cared for cats at night. He named the kitten on his shoulders “Kevin” in honor of one of his fellow crew members.

Fire officials said about nine cats would follow the firefighters around and the firefighters took care of them.

The Lane County Strike Team also spent their rest day helping residents with their evacuated horses by unloading hay and feeding animals.

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