Meet the two stray Portland dogs who became best friends, got adopted together

Two stray dogs stayed close, even after being rescued. When being treated at DoveLewis, the dogs reportedly didn't leave eachother's side. (DoveLewis)

DoveLewis is telling the heartwarming story of two stray pups who stuck together: Phillip, an 8-year-old white poodle mix and Dade, a 6-year-old chocolate Great Dane mix.

The stray dogs were in severe need of medical attention after being found tied up to a fence in Southeast Portland.

When they arrived at DoveLewis, Phillip had severely matted fur, was underweight and suffered from dental disease and a dislocated knee joint. Dade weighed only 50 pounds.

DoveLewis medical staff began Phillip’s examination and treatment first. When Dade entered the emergency room, DoveLewis staff say he eagerly searched for Phillip and propped himself up on the exam table when he found him, greeting each other nose to nose.

“I get teary just thinking about Dade’s worried expression when he walked in the room looking for Phillip,” said technician assistant Lorri Schinderle. “They were so attached. You can tell that they were meant to be together. Dade didn’t leave Phillip’s side, and he wouldn’t stop kissing him and loving him.”

“They were just so worried about each other,” said Dr. Becca Falender, “even when we separated them across the room.”

Luckily, Phillip and Dade received a positive medical prognosis and were transferred to Multnomah County Animal Services, who continued their treatment for a few weeks until the dogs were healthy enough for adoption.

Though it’s uncommon for dogs of varying sizes to be adopted at the same time, Phillip and Dade were adopted together.

“We were so hopeful that they would find a home together. It feels good to know that we treated them, shaved years of mats off Phillip and gave them hope,” said Schinderle. “It makes me so happy to know that someone is going to love them and they will have a new life together.”

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