In the Garden: Ridding your garden of azalea lace bugs

KMTR's Kris Nation is in the garden with Brooke Edmunds from the OSU Extension. This week, they're talking about a common pest in Lane County, the azalea lace bug.

This pest shows up frequently on azaleas and rhododendrons. The azalea lace bug is a relatively new pest to the area. It arrived around 2009 and it can be devastating on plants like azaleas and rhododendrons.

The azalea lace bug has a "sucking" mouth part which it uses to attack leaves and suck out the nutrients. Noticeable symptoms are tiny yellow speckles across the face of leaves. Over several years, the insects may be able to kill trees.

In the fall, the insect lays its eggs. You can look for them on the undersides of leaves; they look like tiny dark spots. The eggs will stay all winter. In the spring is when you want to start treating the problem.

Some people get rid of the eggs by hosing them off, using horticulture oils, or using pesticides that are labeled to control the pest.

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