In the Garden: Identifying Hobo Spiders

EUGENE, Ore. - It's the season for spiders to crawl into the house and many people are worried about hobo spiders in their homes.

There are several other spiders that resemble hobo spiders and it can be difficult to tell the difference.

Homeowners often mistake the giant house spider for a hobo spider. The giant house spider may seem scary, after all it can be up to four inches in diameter, but really there's nothing to fear from these arachnids. They don't cause dermatologic wounds like hobo spiders.

Brooke Edmunds from the OSU extension said if you're concerned and think a spider in your home may be a hobo spider, you can capture it in a jar and bring it to the extension office where they can identify it under a microscope.

However, Edmunds said hobo spiders are rare in Oregon and giant house spiders are very common.

If you find a common house spider in your home, Edmunds said it is best to capture it and release it in your garden where they can eat pests.

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