In the Garden: Drying your home-grown tomatoes

It's time to harvest tomatoes and Brooke Edmunds from the OSU extension has a few tips on how to store them for the winter.

An easy way to save tomatoes for later is to dehydrate or dry them. In order to do this, you will need a dehydrator. It doesn't have to be an expensive dehydrator. It can be simple and often times you can find one used at a thrift store.

Once you harvest your tomatoes, you should wash them and pull off their stems. Then slice them in half and place them on the dehydrator and turn it on. Let it run for a few hours. The time it takes to dry the tomatoes will depend on how thickly they're sliced. Dry them so that they're still flexible. You don't want them to crack when you bend them.

Once the tomatoes are finished, you can bag them, put them into class jars, or even freeze them to last longer.

Click here for more information on drying your home-grown tomatoes.

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