In the Garden: Building your own compost bin

Meteorologist Kris Nation joined Brooke Edmunds from the OSU extension in the garden to learn how to build your own structure for a compost bin that helps store and break down organic material.

In the city, many neighbors don't want to see sprawling piles of compost that could get messy and out of hand. One way to deal with kitchen and yard waste in an organized fashion is to build a compost bin.

Compost bins can be built out of cinder blocks, or with wood and mesh. There are several patterns online.

Edmunds recommends using wood and mesh so that the composted material can receive air. She also prefers that the bin has compartments to store fresh compost separate from compost that has started to break down.

Anything from kitchen scraps to garden waste to lint from the dryer can be composted.

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