'When you have three little children, it changes your life a lot'

    EUGENE, Ore. - Michael Heer is a husband and father in Eugene who lives with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. There's no cure for this form of cancer, but that doesn't stop him and his mustache mafia from supporting the "Grow Your Mo" movement.

    Since Michaels' diagnosis seven years ago, the Heer family has experienced tough times. But now, Micahel is taking medicine as part of a study and miraculously, it's helping him live a full life. He says it changed his perspective.

    "You know, when you have three little children, it changes your life a lot," he said.

    Due to his cancer, Michael spends a lot of time at the hospital and the bills pile up. He says the time commitment and the expenses motivate him to take part in "Grow Your Mo," a fundraiser by the Oregon Cancer Foundation to raise money for local cancer patients.

    "To be involved with this and be able to raise money and be able to help people that are more disadvantaged than myself is something that I'm completely on board with," he said.

    Michael knows there's no cure for CLL. However, he and his family, who he calls the mustache mafia, are sporting facial hair of all sorts to raise awareness and to help others.

    "It's awesome. The mustaches are cool," said Taylor Heer, Michael's daughter.

    "It's fun and because it raises money for people that have cancer," said Carter Heer, Michael's son.

    You can help support the cause as well. Click here to vote for Michael's beard. Each vote costs $1 and all proceeds go to help local cancer patients.

    KMTR's Anthony Kustura is also in the competition. You can vote for him by clicking here.

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