Mr. Sasser's students know there's a meaning for the mustache

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    SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Students and teachers at Guy Lee Elementary School in Springfield are getting hairy for Grow Your Mo.

    Mr. Brent Sasser says he's a beard guy, not a mustache man, so his students were a little curious with his new style of facial hair.

    "Well most of the students ask me if it's real. They asked me if I picked it before I got to school," said Sasser, a reading specialist at Guy Lee Elementary School.

    "It keeps on growing more and more and then he cuts it and it keeps on growing and it grows over and over again," said Tiffany, one of Sasser's students.

    While raising money for the Oregon Cancer Foundation, Sasser also wanted to use his mustache to send a message.

    "I think certainly it's a platform and one thing that I want kids to know, especially this time of year, is that the smallest good deed is better than the best intention and this is my small good deed," he said.

    It created an opportunity for Principal Nicki Gorham to share her cancer survival story.

    "People have been diagnosed with cancer and have gone through the battle and through the fight and have come out through the other side and are still okay and that's an important thing for them to see," Gorham said.

    The kids may be young, but they're listening and learning the pain and troubles caused by cancer.

    "It was probably hard for her to live at that time," said Kaden, a student.

    And now they know why Mr. Sasser looks a little different in November.

    "He's going to get money for people and he's going to help people," said student Izyha.

    The Grow Your Mo fundraiser ends this month. Click here to vote for Brent Sasser.

    You can also vote for KMTR's Anthony Kustura. All the money you donate benefits Oregonians battling cancer.

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