Random Acts of Kindness gives back to Frank Gosar

    Frank Gosar has been making bowls for Food for Lane County's Empty Bowls fundraiser for 26 years. His donations help provide meals for thousands of people in the community. (SBG photo)

    EUGENE, Ore. - Frank Gosar's art is helping feed thousands in need. He's filling empty stomachs by making hundreds and thousands of empty bowls.

    "I'm the village potter for this big nebulous village that's scattered over the northwest," Gosar said.

    Gosar is a former radio host, full time artist, and the reason thousands of people in need have food in their stomachs.

    "Good morning and welcome the former Saturday Cafe. I'm Frank Gosar in my pottery studio," Gosar said.

    Frank came from humble beginnings. He said he grew up in a dairy farm in Wisconsin.

    "Six kids, three big gardens, grew a lot of our own food. Never - didn't have a lot of cash for extra," he described.

    Now in Eugene, Gosar gives back in the best way he can.

    "Didn't have a lot of money, you know, soup bowls are easy to throw and I can fit a lot of them into a kiln, so I started donating soup bowls," he said.

    For 26 years, Frank has made close to 100 bowls every year to donate to FOOD for Lane County's Empty Bowls fundraiser.

    Frank calls the bowl making process, “pretty much magical."

    Just one 25-pound bag of clay will turn into 100 finished bowls. It takes him about two minutes on the wheel to make a bowl.

    FOOD for Lane County event coordinator Dawn Marie Woodward said the Empty Bowls sale raise an average of $15,000 per year.

    "It all adds up, but I don't think anyone tops Franks donation," Woodward said. That generates about 45,000 meals for the community.

    "This is your way of getting a lasting reminder of how you are helping your neighbor," Woodward said.

    It's works of art for a cause, and an act of kindness that keeps on giving.

    To thank Gosar for all of he's done in the community, NBC 16 gave him a $150 gift card to Fred Meyer.

    For those who would like to meet Gosar, he features his ceramic work at the Saturday markets.

    For other artists who want to donate their bowls, there's still time. The Empty Bowls and brews sale will take place on Friday, May 5.

    To nominate someone for Acts of Kindness or to submit an idea, email newsdesk@kmtr.com.

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