Giving to the giver: Frank Gosar gets a surprise for his generous donations

Frank Gosar has been making bowls for Food for Lane County's Empty Bowls fundraiser for 26 years. His donations help provide meals for thousands of people in the community. (SBG photo)

Frank Gosar has been making bowls to donate to FOOD for Lane County’s Empty Bowls fundraiser for 26 years.

"It all adds up but I don't think anyone tops Franks donation," said Dawn Marie Woodward from FOOD for Lane County.

The fundraiser sells pottery and glassware and the proceeds benefit the local food bank.

When he started, Gosar didn't have much money of his own, but he says soup bowls are easy for him to make and it’s one way he can give back to the community.

Just one 25-pound bag of clay, two minutes on the wheel, and he makes enough bowls to support 636 meals alone.

After decades of giving, NBC 16 decided it was time Gosar received a gift of his own.

Find out how we honored him in this week’s Random Acts of Kindness Tuesday at 5:30 p.m.

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