Acts of Kindness: The two smiling Wendy's

Wendy Simrin and Wendy Parent at the Eugene Mission

EUGENE, Ore. - Two women average close to 16 hours of volunteer work per month at the Eugene Mission.

It's not just the amount of time they put in that stands out, though. It's also their hard work and dedication to the "Women and Children's" Center that makes these ladies shine.

Both women, Wendy Parent and Wendy Simrin, volunteer every Monday and Tuesday at the Women and Children's Center.

They started volunteering around the same time, and have been helping visitors for a little over two years now.

The two smiling faces bring a positive light to the center.

At the Women's Center Boutique, they ensure women who are homeless or in need can walk away with shoes and clothing to keep them protected and warm.

"Sometimes they come in - they're sad, they're depressed," said Simrin. "Even a piece of new clothing to put on their backs, or shoes because they walk so much - then they're smiling and you're smiling. Two hours goes by like that."

No matter how heart wrenching a situation at the mission may be, the Wendy's always bring a smile.

"Just know that we're all sisters - they need a lift. And when it's hard, you come in and smile anyway," said Parent. "And it makes you feel happy."

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